Loading Sermon Audio On Apple Devices

Loading Sermon Audio On Apple Devices

The Table app for iPhone and iPad is loaded from Apple’s App Store directly to your iOS device. The app does not include the audio files, so you must add the audio manually. This can be done by downloading the audio files individually through The Table (iOS) app, or "syncing" the device to your computer using one of Apple's audio sofware apps: Apple Music or iTunes. “Syncing” is the process of controlling which files are loaded onto your iPad. Here are the step by step instructions on how to do this. These same instructions will work on an iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, and iPhone. (From now on we will use the term iPad to refer to all of these devices.) If you don’t feel comfortable dealing with computers, it may be beneficial to get someone that can help you do the install. There are multiple ways of doing most of these steps. This demonstrates a way that will work for most people.

1. Update iOS

The first step is to make sure that your iPad is updated with the latest version of iOS. You will always want to sync your iPad to the same computer, so choose one that will be available to you and is connected to the Internet. The iPad is connected to your computer with the USB cable that came with the iPad. Both Apple Music and iTunes will recognize the iPad when you plug it in, and add its name to the list. Click on the name and you will see any audio files listed on the iPad. Click on “sync settings” where you will see a list of preferences, then select “Check for Update” to make sure your iPad operating system is up to date. Follow the instructions as the iPad is updated. Upgrading can be a lengthy process.

2. Install The Table (iOS) Application

The Table The Table

Once your iPad has the latest iOS you can move on to the next step; installing The Table (iOS) app.

  1. From the iPad home screen, please select the “App Store” icon.
  2. Type "Voice of God Recordings" into the search bar, then select “search.”
  3. The Table (iOS) app should appear. Select it and go through the process of installing it.

Note: Once The Table app is finished installing, you will be prompted to sign into your Cloud Profile.

This will allow you login and backup any future notes and highlights to the VGR server and also restore a backup if you had peviously installed The Table app and used The Table Cloud Backup feature.

For more information, please see The Table Cloud Backups.

3. Import Sermons from The Table micro SD Card

Insert the Table micro SD card into the same computer that you sync your iPad to, then you will be able to add the M4a sermons to the iPad. If you have at least a 64GB iPad, you will be able to load all of the M4a Message sermons onto your iPad. (A 32GB will work, but it doesn’t give you much room for other data on your device.) An iPad with less memory will not be able to contain all of the sermons. You can, however, put a limited number of sermons on the iPad and swap them out as needed.

You may either use the Apple Music or iTunes app to load sermons onto your iPad. Importing the audio files from The Table micro SD card into either app works much the same way.

  1. Insert the card into the back of the included USB adapter, then plug the USB adapter into your computer.
  2. Once inserted into your computer, drag the files from the card into Apple Music or iTunes.

    To do this:

    • Double click the micro SD card which should be visible on your computer as an external disk, and open up Apple Music or iTunes.
    • Once you have both the card and Apple Music open, simply select the MessageM4a folder and drag it into Apple Music with your mouse. It will add all of the M4as in that folder into your Apple Music library.
  3. To load An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages audio, select the AudioBooks folder and drag it into Apple Music.
  4. Once all of the files are finished being loaded into Apple Music, eject the micro SD card.

You will now be able to load the sermons onto your device.

4. Loading the iPad

Now you have your files ready to load onto your iPad.

The next step is to “Sync” your iPad with either Apple Music or iTunes on your computer.

When you are finished copying the sermons to your iPad, you will need to eject it. Click on the eject button that is to the right of the iPad’s name. After it is ejected, test your iPad to make sure everything is there and it works.

5. Other Things you can install on your iPad if you have the space

Lifeline Lifeline

BT Live BT Live

Also on the micro SD card:

  • Deep Calleth to the Deep and Twentieth Century Prophet videos
  • An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages Audio Book
  • Pictures
  • Books: A Man Sent From God and A Prophet Visits South Africa


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