Lifeline FAQ

Lifeline FAQ

Do I need internet access to use Lifeline?

Yes, Lifeline does require some internet access to function.

It can be used when offline, but you must be connected to Wifi daily to cache the Quote Of The Day, and the latest video and audio clips.

If connected to the internet for about 30 minutes, Lifeline will cache about the ten latest audio and video clips, making them available to play offline.

The Voice Radio does work when offline using any audio files stored on your device, rather than streaming the audio files from the internet. However, you must connect to the internet every few days to pull down the latest Voice Radio schedule.

Items from the Archive section can be downloaded and played when offline, as well.

Does The Voice Radio use data to stream the audio files if not connected to Wi-Fi?

The Voice Radio does stream the audio files if they are not found on your device or SD card, which will use data if not connected to Wi-Fi. However, if the audio files are present, it can function offline.

In order for The Voice Radio to function offline, you will need to connect the internet and open the Lifeline app. This will pull down and save the data for The Voice Radio schedule, so it knows which sermons to play when offline.

If data is an issue, consider downloading the audio files when connected to Wi-Fi, or using The Table micro SD card as an alternative to streaming.

For more information, please see:

I really enjoyed a video clip. Can it be downloaded, so I can keep watching it when it is no longer available in the app?

When content is no longer available in the mainview of the app, it can be found in the Archive section where you can continue to stream, or download it to be played when offline.

Lifeline isn't available to me. Is there a way I can still view the content of the app?

Yes. You can sign up to receive some of the Lifeline content through WhatsApp.

To sign up, go here: WhatsApp signup