The Table iOS FAQ

The Table iOS FAQ

The Table app is prompting me to login to The Table Cloud Backups. What are The Table Cloud Backups, and why should I login?

The Table Cloud Backups feature allows you to backup your notes and highlights to the VGR Cloud, so they are never lost. This means if you get a new phone, you will still have access to access to any notes and highlights you previously made.

The Table Cloud Backup feature is a system that has several parts:

  • The app on your phone or tablet
  • Your account at
  • The actual storage of your backups on the VGR servers.

These three components work together to store and retrieve your files. The Table app must be linked to your VGR account, which then securely links The Table app to your own backups.

To use this feature, you must first make sure you have the latest Table app update installed. Once you have the latest Table app, you will then log in to your account through The Table app. This will allow you access to The Table Cloud Backup features: Backup and Restore From Backup.

The backup feature saves a copy of your notes and highlights to the VGR server. (You can choose to either backup automatically in the background, or manually select a button to create a backup.)

The restore from backup feature allows you to pull backups down from the server and load them in The Table app.

For more information on using The Table Cloud Backups, please see: The Table Cloud Backups.

I got a new iPhone or iPad. Can I transfer my notes and highlights from my old iPhone or iPad to the new one?

Yes, you can transfer your notes and highlights across iOS devices. Simply login to The Table Cloud Profile using your account and create a backup of your notes and highlights on your old device. After you have created a backup, login to the same account on the new device and restore the backup from the old device.

For more information on using The Table Cloud Backups, please see: The Table Cloud Backups.

Transfer your Notes and Highlights using iTunes
  1. Connect your old iOS device to the computer that the device is synced to in iTunes.
  2. Select the device in iTunes.
  3. Go to File Sharing
  4. Select The Table app
  5. You should see several files under The Table Documents:

    • defaultprofile.db
    • sync.db
    • sync.db-shm
    • sync.db-wal
  6. Select all of these files that are available, and hit the save to file below, saving them to your computer.
  7. Eject device
  8. Connect new device and go to File Sharing>The Table in iTunes once again
  9. Go to The Table Documents, and this time hit Add
  10. Choose the old defaultprofile.db, sync.db, sync.db-shm, and sync.db-wal files from the location you saved them to
  11. Hit the add button
  12. Select replace existing file
  13. Reboot app
Can I download additional languages through the iOS Table application?

Yes, multiple languages can be downloaded through the iOS Table application.

To download an additional language:

  1. Select the Languages menu icon located on the audio player. It should display the current language. If it’s English, it will show the abbreviation “ENG.”
  2. This will open the Languages menu where all the downloaded languages are displayed.
  3. Select add more to view a list of additional languages available to download.
  4. Select the language you would like.
  5. Select done to begin downloading.
Is there a way to delete multiple audio files which were downloaded directly from within the app?

Yes, you can remove multiple audio files at a time.

  1. Select the menu in the top right corner of the app.
  2. Select Audio Downloads.
  3. Once inside Audio Downloads, you should see a list of all audio files downloaded for that language.
  4. You can select the x on each audio file to remove them individually or select remove all to remove all of the audio files in the list.
  5. A dialog box will appear notifying you of what audio files are being removed and how much space it will free up. Select remove to confirm you would like to do so.
I have an older iOS device running iOS 9 through 13 which can no longer receive app updates. How do I get the app back if it's uninstalled?

If you have an older iOS device running iOS 9 through 13, you can download the latest compatible version through the App Store.

To get the latest compatible version:

  1. Open the App Store on your device
  2. At the bottom of the screen, please select purchased
  3. Select The Table Mobile
  4. Download