About The Table Android App

About The Table Android App

The Table Android mobile application allows you to listen to The Message anywhere and anytime, from the comfort of your home, your car, a bus ride, etc. Every recorded sermon of Brother Branham is right at your fingertips. Press play to hear The Voice and dig deep into The Message by searching every word Brother Branham said.

Not only does this app provide the English Message, but it has the ability to download over sixty additional languages, as well.

To download the application, please select the link below:

The Table The Table

  • 1206 English Sermons
  • Sermon translations for over 60 additional languages
  • All text is kept up to date
  • An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages
  • Remembers last location when reading text
  • Copy a quote to email/text
  • Easy searching of all 1206 sermons and An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages
  • Search exact phrases
  • Search in a single sermon
  • Wildcard Searching
  • Play a sermon
  • Uses opus audio
  • Uses m4a audio
  • Dynamic Audio: live or gapped translations
  • Download audio direct from the internet
  • Bulk download of opus audio
  • Uses m4a audio directly from the micro SD card
  • Audio for An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages
  • Remembers last location when playing sermon
User Interface
  • Look and Feel: choose theme, font, font size
  • Choose colors in Subtitle
Audio Linked to Text
  • Read-Along linked at phrase level
  • Subtitle
  • Easily find your place in the text when playing a tape
Notes and Highlights
  • Attach notes that stay with the text
  • Create Highlights
  • Notes and highlights upgradable to next version
Device Requirements
  1. The Table Android app is compatible with Android 5.0 and up.
  2. During installation, We recommend having about 2 GB of free space. The amount of free space needed varies depending on which languages are downloaded. The application itself will take up about 800 MB during install, however, once installed, it only takes up about 200 MB of space. The English language, which is the largest infobase, takes up an additional 400 MB. Each additional language will add to this total.
Installing The Table Android App

The Table Android application may either be installed from the Google Play Store or a Table micro SD card.

For instructions, please see:

The Table Android: How To Install The Application From The Google Play Store

The Table Android: How To Install The Application From The Table Micro SD Card

Updating The Table Android App

App installed From The Google Play Store:

The Table app will auto-update if you turn the auto-update apps setting on in the Google Play Store.

Installed from the microSD Card

If the app was installed from the microSD card, the app will automatically check for updates if the Auto Update option located under the menu in the top, right corner of the app is turned on.

If an update is available, you will be prompted to install.

You can also select the check now button to check for any updates.

Receiving Text Updates

Text updates are separate from app updates.

The app checks for text updates daily when connected to the internet. If a text update is available, it will prompt you to download it.

If you are not regularly connected to the internet, the app will prompt you to download any text updates if you open the app after connecting.

Languages Available To Download
  1. Afrikaans - Afrikaans
  2. Amharic - Amharic
  3. Asante Twi - Asante Twi
  4. Indonesian - Bahasa Indonesia
  5. Cebuano - Cebuano
  6. Czech - Čeština
  7. Chichewa - Chichewa
  8. Shona - ChiShona
  9. Chitonga - Chitonga
  10. Chitumbuka - Chitumbuka
  11. Ciluba - Ciluba
  12. German - Deutsch
  13. Emakhuwa - Emakhuwa
  14. English - English
  15. Spanish - Español
  16. Ewe - Eʋegbe
  17. Fon - Fɔngbe
  18. French - Français
  19. Hiligaynon - Hiligaynon
  20. Bemba - Icibemba
  21. Xhosa - isiXhosa
  22. Zulu - isiZulu
  23. Italian - Italiano
  24. Kikongo-kituba - Kikongo-Kituba
  25. Kinyarwanda - Kinyarwanda
  26. Kiswahili - Kiswahili
  27. Haitian Creole - Kreyòl Ayisyen
  28. Kyangonde - Kyangonde
  29. Latvian - Latviešu
  30. Lithuanian - Lietuvių
  31. Lingala - Lingála
  32. Luganda - Luganda
  33. Luvale - Luvale
  34. Hungarian - Magyar
  35. Malagasy - Malagasy
  36. Ndebele - Ndebele
  37. Dutch - Nederlands
  38. Norwegian - Norsk
  39. Northern Sotho - Northern Sotho
  40. Oshikwanyama - Oshikwanyama
  41. Polish - Polski
  42. Portuguese - Português
  43. Romanian - Română
  44. Tswana - Setswana
  45. Lozi - Silozi
  46. Siswati - SiSwati
  47. South Sotho - Southern Sesotho
  48. Finnish - Suomi
  49. Swedish - Svenska
  50. Tagalog - Tagalog
  51. Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt
  52. Tshivenda - Tshivenda
  53. Xitsonga - Xitsonga
  54. Russian - Русский
  55. Ukrainian - Українська
  56. Nepali - नेपाली
  57. Marathi - मराठी
  58. Hindi - हिंदी
  59. Bengali - বাংলা
  60. Punjabi - ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
  61. Oriya - ଓଡ଼ିଆ
  62. Tamil - தமிழ்
  63. Telugu - తెలుగు
  64. Malayalam - മലയാളം
  65. Khmer - ខ្មែរ
  66. Chinese Simplified - 简体中文
  67. Chinese Traditional - 繁體中文