Hero FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Agapao Sponsorship

How do I sponsor an Agapao tablet?

Agapao Sponsorship can be easily managed from your branham.org account. Once logged into your branham.org account, you will see the option to sponsor a tablet or tablets, along with sponsorship account settings, such as notification preferences, the name of the sponsor you would like to appear on the tablet startup screen, and a list of past tablet sponsorships.

If you do not have a branham.org account, please see How To Set Up An Agapao Sponsorship Account to learn how to set one up.

If you already have a branham.org account, but cannot remember your password to login, please see How To Reset Your Branham.org Password

Why haven't I received any photos for the tablets I have sponsored?

Reasons you wouldn't receive a photo:

  • At this time, only tablet sponsorships made online through branham.org can receive a photo.
  • Login to your branham.org account and check your account preferences.

    • Agapao Sponsorship must be selected under Notification Categories on your Account Profile to receive photos.
    • A Method of Notification must be selected.

    • If your family sponsorship name to appear on tablet is set to "A fellow member of the Bride of Christ," we won't be able to identify your tablet, or you may not receive a photo.

I sponsored 10 tablets, why did I only get 2 photos?

We did not have cameras at every single Agapao Tablet distribution, so not all sponsorships will have pictures.

Is a photo received if a tablet is sponsored "in loving memory"?

No. We are unable to trace "in loving memory" tablets back to their donors due to the fact that many times there are a number of those tablets donated by various donors.

Can photos be received for church or group sponsorships?

Yes, churches and groups can receive sponsorship photos.

In order to do so, a branham.org account will need created under the church or group name and address.

If a photo is available, it will be sent to the email address or cell number on the account. The person maintaining the account will then be able share it with the rest of the congregation or group of sponsors.

For further questions regarding church or group sponsorships, please contact us at +1-812-256-1177

Can my spouse and I each receive a copy of the sponsorship photo for the tablet we sponsored?

Yes, you can both receive a copy of a sponsorship photo.

To do so, you will each need a separate branham.org account.

Link Accounts

  1. Once each account has been created, go to the Family Members section on one of the Account Profiles.
  2. Select add family member to link the two accounts together.
  3. Choose your name to appear on tablet. Whichever name is selected on one account will be reflected on linked family member's accounts, as well.
  4. Select the save button to save your changes.

You will both receive any future sponsorship photos.

For more information on how to set up an Agapao Sponsorship Account, please see: How To Set Up An Agapao Sponsorship Account