The Table Guide

The Table Guide

  Language Menu

To switch languages, select the language menu icon that appears on the left side of the audio player.

A list of all available languages will appear. Select the one you would like.

You can now listen to audio translations and read or search text translations in that language.

  Sermon Index

The Sermon Index is designed to help you find a sermon.

Tap the Sermon Index button at the top, left of the screen to open.

You can search the Sermon Index by sermon date, title or location.

  Date Tab

The first tab sorts by the date the sermon was preached.

If you would like to skip ahead to a specific year, tap the Scroll To feature above the list of sermons to choose a year.

  Alphabetical Tab

Selecting the second tab opens the Alphabetical Index where sermons are sorted according to title.

You can search by sermon date, title or location.

Using the Scroll To feature displays sermon titles beginning with a specific letter.

  Duration Tab

Touching the third tab sorts by the sermon Duration.

Duration is useful to find a sermon that will play within a certain block of time you have available.

For example: a 45-minute bus ride.

If you would like to skip ahead to a specific length sermon, tap the Scroll To feature above the list of sermons to choose a time.

  Series Tab

The fourth tab allows you to find a sermon based on series.

Examples: The Seven Seals or Holy Ghost

  Location Tab

The last tab allows you to find a sermon based on the location it was preached.

You can drill down from state or country to city.

Once located, tapping on a sermon will load it and return you to the document screen.

  Playing Translated Audio

  Audio Settings Menu

All audio settings for playing translated audio are located under the Audio Settings Menu. This menu is accessed by selecting the Audio Settings icon on the right side of the audio player.

  Audio Modes

While in a foreign language, there are three audio formats available to choose from: Live Translation, Gap Tape and English Audio With Subtitles.

  Live Translation

Live Translation allows Brother Branham and the translator to play simultaneously. There is no pause between Brother Branham and the translator. They both play at the same time.

  Gap Tape

In Gap Tape mode, you will hear Brother Branham followed by a translator. When Brother Branham is finished speaking, the English audio will pause until the translator is finished speaking. When the translator is finished, Brother Branham will start speaking again.

  English Audio With Subtitles

English audio with subtitles allows the English audio to play while the translated subtitles scroll along. A translator is not heard.

  How To play translated audio
  1. Select a sermon from the Sermon Index to open.
  2. Press play to begin playing.

  Switching Audio Formats

The Audio Format options are located under the Audio Settings menu.

  1. Locate the audio player. If you are in full screen mode, you may need to scroll down.

  2. You will see the Audio Settings symbol to the right of the audio player controls.
  3. Tap the icon to view your options.

  4. Select one of the three audio format options: Live Translation, Gap Tape, or English Audio With Subtitles.

  How To Adjust Volume Balance Between Brother Branham And The Translator
  1. Select the audio settings icon to open the audio settings.

  2. Once in the Audio Settings, you will see slider bar that can be used to adjust the volume balance between Brother Branham and the translator.

    As the slider moves further to the right, the translator will become louder and Brother Branham will become softer.

    As the slider moves further to the left, Brother Branham will become louder while the translator becomes softer.

  3. When you have finished adjusting the balance, select the x to close.

  Look & Feel

Look & Feel contains your display settings, such as font and themes.

These options are located in the Main Menu. Tap the menu button in the top right corner of the screen, then select Look & Feel to open.

  Change Font

Select to choose a font that works for you.

  Font Size

Select to make text smaller or LARGER.

  Reader Width

Narrows or widens the margin between the text and the edge of the screen allowing you to center the text or fill the screen.


Allows you to choose from a set of themes containing different color text and background colors.



  Tap & Play

Tap & Play enables you to begin playback from any quote in the sermon. This greatly improves search by allowing you to quickly hear the quote, as Brother Branham spoke it.

Here's how:

  1. In the search menu: type the query and select your desired quote.
  2. Tap the text segment you wish to hear.

  3. Tap the play arrow that appears next to that text segment, and the audio will begin playing.

  Read Along

Read Along mode automatically highlights text segments as the audio plays, so you can read as Brother Branham speaks. This mode has been designed to make reading more natural.

To activate Read Along mode:

  1. Tap the Audio Menu icon located by the audio player controls.

  2. Tap the Read Along switch to toggle on and off.

  3. Tap x to close the Menu.

While using Read Along mode, you may want to re-read a quote or stop to highlight one of those golden nuggets. No problem!

Here's how:

  1. Scroll up to automatically pause Read Along mode.

  2. Make your highlight.

  3. When you’re done, tap the sync button to return to the text segment which is currently playing.

  Subtitle Viewer

The Subtitle Viewer was built to utilize all of the screen by making text as large as possible. This is perfect for following along with a Tape Service by using a projector.

To enable Subtitle Viewer:

  1. The viewer loads to your current selection. Navigate to where you would like the Viewer to begin.
  2. Tap the Audio Menu icon located by the audio player controls.

  3. Tap Open Subtitle Viewer.

  Subtitle Viewer Controls

Tapping anywhere on the screen will show or hide the Subtitle player controls and menu options.

  Number Of Segments

The bottom left buttons will select 1, 2 or 3 segments to be displayed. 1 displays the largest text.

  Player Controls

The bottom right buttons will control the playing of the sermon.

  Subtitle Menu

The top left button opens the Subtitle Menu.

The Subtitle Menu allows you to change the Look and Feel of Subtitle separate from the normal settings of the Table. You will find Themes, Fonts, Line Spacing and Margins. (Font size is chosen automatically.)


For more fonts scroll down.


In addition to the preset Themes, touching the tool icon allows you full choice of text color and background color.

When finished make sure you touch the check mark to save your changes.

  Close The Subtitle Viewer

The X in the top right will close the subtitle viewer and return you to the document view.

  Full Screen Mode

The Full Screen Mode feature allows the text to fill the screen, so you can read without the player and top bar being visible.

Activate Full Screen Mode:

  1. To activate full screen mode, go to the menu located in the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Set the full screen switch to on.

While in full screen mode, if you would like to bring up the player or the top bar, simply scroll rapidly upward.

  Play History

The Play History is a list of all sermons you have previously played.

It located can be located in the Main Menu in the top right corner of the app.

  Open Sermon

Tap any sermon in the Play History to load it.

  Delete Play History

Press and Hold for the option to delete any past sermons from the list.

  Creating Highlights

The Highlighter allows for fast highlighting.


  1. Tap the segment you wish to highlight.
  2. At the top of the screen, you will see a list of highlighters which scrolls left to right.

  3. Select a highlighter to apply it to the text.

With this method you can highlight a phrase with two touches or many phrases with only 3 touches. For more than one phrase, touch the start phrase, then the last phrase, then the highlighter.

If you do not wish to keep the highlight: simply tap the highlighted text to enable a “remove” button in your list of highlighters.


The Multi-highlight feature enables you to apply multiple categories to the same quote. When combined with the capability to create your own categories, Multi-highlight greatly enhances your ability to organize and research the Message.

How to use Multi-Highlight:

  1. Tap the segment you wish to highlight.
  2. Tap the Multi button in the Highlighter menu.

  3. Tap the Highlighters you wish to use.
  4. Tap Apply.

The quote is filed under the different categories you choose.

  Advanced Highlight Features

The Advanced Highlight features allow you to search for a highlighter name, change your highlight sort order and create or edit new highlights.

  1. To access the Advanced Highlight features, tap in the text you wish to highlight.
  2. Next to the list of highlighters you will see an options button (three dots). Select it to view the advanced highlight features.

  3. Here you will see a list of all your highlighters.

  4. Next to all the highlight names, you will see a checkbox. Any checkmarks mean that highlighter is applied to the text. Tap the checkbox to apply or remove.

  Search For Highlighters

If you have many different highlighters, the “search for highlighters” feature may be useful to you. This allows you to search and quickly access highlighter names.

Example: Searching for “Holy Ghost” will bring up the “Holy Ghost” highlighter.

  Sorting Highlighters

Next to the search field are the highlight sorting options.

These allow you to view your highlights alphabetically, by the date created, or the order you last used them in, so the most used highlighters appear first.

Choosing custom will allow you to place the highlighters in any order you wish, by touching a highlighter in the list and dragging it to the correct location.

  Creating A New Highlighter

  1. To create a new highlighter, hit the New+ button.
  2. Swipe in the color wheel to choose your color.

  3. Type the name in the “category name.”
  4. Select SAVE.

  Editing Highlighters

  1. At the right side of every highlighter, there is an options button.

  2. Choose the options button to edit the highlighter color, name or to delete it.

  3. Press SAVE to keep your changes.

Once you are finished making any changes in the Advanced Highlight menu, select the checkmark in the top right corner to save and apply them.

  Creating Notes

The Notes feature allows you to attach a note to a specific text segment or make a general note on an entire sermon.

Both Notes features are located in your options menu along with the copy feature.

  Sermon Notes

To create or edit a Sermon Note:

  1. Tap any text segment.

  2. Select the options button.
  3. Select Sermon Notes.

  4. Type the content of your note.
  5. Select the checkmark to save.

This Note applies to the whole sermon

  Attached Notes

Attach a note to a text segment:

  1. Tap the text segment where you wish to attach the note.
  2. Select the options button.
  3. Select attach note.

  4. Type the content of your note.
  5. Select the checkmark to save.

  Edit an attached note

Edits to attached notes can easily be made. Select the text your note is attached to, and follow the previous steps choosing edit note instead of attach note.

To Edit A Note:

  1. Tap in the document text to reveal the menu.
  2. Select options.
  3. Select Edit Note to open the note.

  4.   Edit Notes From Current Sermon Info & Notes
    1. Tap in the sermon notes field to edit your note.
    2. Select the checkmark to save.

    Current Sermon Info & Notes displays both your general sermon notes and any notes you have attached to the text in that sermon. It also displays general information about the sermon.

  My Highlights

My Highlights allows you to view and search all your highlights.

  Highlight Categories

You will see a list of your highlight categories at the top of the screen under the search bar.

The all tab allows you to view all of your highlights from every category in a single list.

Selecting a different highlight category will allow you to view only that category.

  Search Highlights

The search field allows you to search for a highlight based on the text.

Simply type a word or phrase.

It will find search results in whichever highlight categories are selected

Tap any highlight to open in document text.

  My Notes

My Notes contains a collection of both your attached notes and general sermon notes.

Type a word or phrase from either the attached or general sermon notes to easily access it.

  Open and Edit Notes:

  1. Tap a note from the list.
  2. This will take you to the Current Sermon Info & Notes where you can view and edit the note.
  3. Touch the note text to edit. When finished, touch the check mark to save your edits.

  4. Touch the sermon text the note is attached to. This will open to the sermon text.

  Copying Quotes to Lifeline Journal

Copy Quote

  1. Tap in the text to select the text you would like to copy.
  2. An options button should appear in the top left corner of the app. Select it.

  3. Select copy. This will save the quote to your clipboard.

  4. Open up Lifeline, scroll down to Red Letter Journal and select it.

Paste Quote

  1. Press and hold in the text field to bring up the paste option.

  2. Select paste.

Save Quote

  1. Save by touching back.
  2. You will see the quote listed in your journal entries.

  Help Options

If you are having trouble with the Table, and it is not responding correctly, then please see Advanced Table Help