Lifeline Android: About Lifeline

About Lifeline

The Lifeline app is a daily encouragement to the Bride of Jesus Christ.

Here are some of the inspiring features the Lifeline app contains:

  1. Voice Radio connects you with believers around the world, as you listen to Brother Branham together.
  2. Quote Of The Day: the daily quote from
  3. Videos from Cub Corner, missionary reports, testimonies from believers, and other videos to inspire.
  4. Inspirational Wallpapers for your tablet.
  5. Preached On This Day: shows the sermons, and Red Letter events that happened today.
  6. A Red Letter Journal: for journaling what the Lord does for you.
  7. Audio books, photos of the prophet, and so much more.

Lifeline and the internet

Lifeline requires Wifi access or cellular data to function.

It can be used when offline, but you must connect daily to cache the Quote Of The Day, and the latest video and audio clips.

The Voice Radio does work when offline to a certain extent, as well. If you have the sermon audio saved to your device memory or an inserted micro SD card, it will play. Audio files may be downloaded directly from The Voice Radio to be played when offline, also. However, you must connect to the internet every few days to pull down the latest schedule.

Lifeline on WhatsApp

If you don’t have access to internet on your tablet, but have WhatsApp on another device, consider receiving Lifeline updates through WhatsApp.

To sign up, go here or contact your local VGR office: