Hero FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About The Hero Tablet

Does the Hero tablet require internet to use?

Most features of the Hero tablet are available when offline. Internet is not required to play sermons.

Apps which work offline:

  • The Table app
  • Bible app
  • Cub Corner Magazine
  • WMB Photos
  • WMB Videos
  • PDF Resources
  • Help Files
  • Camera and Gallery apps

Apps which require internet:

  • Lifeline
  • Quote Of The Day
  • Websites

Lifeline does require internet access to function. It can be used when offline, but you must be connected to Wifi daily to cache the Quote Of The Day, and the latest video and audio clips. The Voice Radio does work when offline, as well, but you must connect to the internet every few days to pull down the latest schedule.

Can languages be added to a Hero tablet?

Additional languages can be downloaded through The Table app. Please see The Table Guide for instructions on how to do so.

Additional language content cannot be added to other applications, such as Cub Corner magazine, WMB Videos or PDF Resources, however, you can switch the system language of the tablet through the system settings. This will display the app menus in that language if translations are available.

Can I add additional applications to a Hero tablet?

No, additional applications cannot be added to a Hero tablet. Any new applications or application updates are downloaded through the Updates app.

What is the difference between an Agapao tablet Hero Edition and an Agapao tablet?

An Agapao tablet Hero Edition is a Samsung tablet with VGR software loaded on it. Agapao tablets are assembled in house and are built for durability.

The software loaded onto both the Agapao tablet Hero Edition and the Agapao tablet is the same with a few exceptions:

  1. The Agapao tablet allows users to update their tablet from another Agapao tablet using Peer to Peer instead of updating over Wi-Fi. Agapao tablet Hero Editions can only update over Wi-Fi.
  2. The Agapao tablet Hero edition can access the VGR websites while the Agapao tablet cannot.

Another difference is the lifecycle of the tablets. The Agapao Hero Edition tablet has the life cycle of regular tablets which is about three years while the Agapao tablet has a much longer lifecycle.

Is there a difference between the Table that is on the Hero, and the normal Android Table?

The two apps are almost identical. There are a few structural differences, that is why you will sometimes see the Hero version have features added a little later than the normal version.

The Table app is suddenly prompting me to download or stream all of the sermon audio when I press play. What should I do?

All of the sermon audio is stored on the SD card. You should not be prompted to download or stream all of the sermon audio. It is normal to have to download few sermons if there is an update, or translated audio after you download a new language, but you should not be required to download or stream all the English audio. The sermon audio may have gotten erased from your SD card.

Please check to see how much memory is being used on your SD card.

  1. Select Quick Settings.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Apps.

    (On certain Hero Models there is a Storage option available in the list of Settings. Please scroll down and choose Storage instead; then skip step four.)

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the Apps list where Looking For Something Else is located and select Storage.
  5. How much memory is being used in the portable storage?

    The English audio alone takes up around 30 GB. If your Hero tablet came with additional languages, this would take up even more space.

    Not Engough Space Is Being Used

    If your portable storage is significantly less than this, the audio has been erased from your SD card.

    Please contact your local VGR office for further assistance.

    Adequate Space Is Being Used

    If adequate space is being used, please try the Clear Cache And Preferences and Clean Notes And Highlights options located in The Table Help Options page.

Can I connect to a projector or smart screen from a Hero tablet?

We recommend using the Windows application to project The Table app. It allows you to open a second Presentation Window to be projected, which is more convenient.

Miracast can be used to wirelessly connect some Hero tablets to a projector, computer, or smart screen.